Pseudoephedrine and Smurfing

During the past decade, concerns over the abuse of common over -the-counter drugs led to a federal law that requiring consumers to show their driver’s license when purchasing the pseudoephedrine.  The law, which passed in 2005, was a reaction to

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Felony Charges For Man Who Sold Drugs to His Friend

A Boulder man faces drug charges for his involvement the drug overdose of his friend, a Colorado University graduate. According to The Daily Camera, police suspect he sold drugs days after the CU grad's death to another young man in

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It May Soon Be Legal to Smoke Pot in Colorado

In July, two groups ran campaigns pushing for the legalization of marijuana and, at press time, were working on proposals for legislation that would make it legal to use, possess and grow marijuana in Colorado. According to The Colorado Independent,

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Colorado Policy Makers Debate THC Driving Levels

The state of Colorado has made marijuana legal for medical use under certain circumstances, but state lawmakers are still debating laws regarding driving under the influence of marijuana. If you've been arrested for DUID or marijuana possession, you need the

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Marijuana Charges: How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

While Colorado has made marijuana legal for use under very specific circumstances, individuals can still face drug charges like marijuana possession that require the services of a Colorado criminal defense attorney. Colorado's medical marijuana laws are constantly in flux, with

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Medical Marijuana Charges in Colorado

The medical marijuana industry is flourishing in Colorado, according to a recent Portland Press Herald article. Even though Colorado medical marijuana growers and distributors may be making money, medical cannabis card holders, drivers and cannabis dispensaries in Colorado can still

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How a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You Fight Charges of Possession With Intent to Distribute

If you have been charged with Colorado possession with intent to distribute, you must contact a Colorado criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. This is a very serious charge that can cost you quite a bit, both personally and professionally. This charge is very different from an ordinary possession charge because the authorities believe they have enough evidence to prove to a judge or jury that you intend to sell a controlled substance to other people.

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