How Can I Seal My Criminal Records?

How Can I Seal My Criminal Records? Did you know that you can seal your criminal records so that your criminal history can be hidden from the public view? It’s called a record seal. A record seal becomes a huge

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Breaking Down Shoplifting Charges in Colorado

According to Colorado law, theft is defined as the act of taking property from another with the intent to deprive that person of property. Most often, theft involves taking property from retail establishments, which is known as shoplifting. There are

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5 Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you found yourself in a situation where you need legal help? Hiring a lawyer can be expensive, but having a lawyer fighting on your side will save you time, money, and possibly freedom in the long run, making the

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The 6 Step Process of a Criminal Case

So you’ve found yourself in a little trouble and have hired a criminal defense lawyer to help you battle these charges. The court process is an extremely long and drawn-out process that may sometimes be a little confusing. Here’s a

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Facing Assault Charges with a Defense Attorney

No matter which state you live in, a conviction on assault charges can bring about some very serious legal penalties. Even a third degree assault charge, which is a misdemeanor in most states, can carry a penalty of up to

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Domestic Violence Charges Demand the Help of a Defense Attorney

The law in many states takes domestic violence charges very seriously. Law enforcement and court officials are understandably concerned with protecting the rights of alleged victims. Even when there are no signs of physical injury present, domestic violence charges can

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“Make My Day” Law: Castle Doctrine in Colorado

In 2009, a Colorado Springs man avoided a potential homicide charge as a result of 1) the reasonable actions he took when protecting himself from an intruder at his home; and 2) Colorado’s Castle Doctrine—which permits people—such as this Colorado

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Once Extinguished CO Relationship Re-Ignites in Violent End

In Denver, CO this past May, a dispute between a woman and her ex-boyfriend—involving a history of domestic violence—erupted into a conflict resulting in a murder-suicide.  The tragic incident—which occurred in a Highlands-area home—involved a 44-year old addiction counselor, Denise

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