Over the past few years, technology has made its way into nearly aspect of our daily lives, and the same holds true for the Colorado Springs Police Department.  Recently, during the City Council’s work session on the department’s 2012 budget, the Interim Police Chief, Pete Carey, announced a decision to do-away with the use of red-light cameras as a way of deterring traffic violators–this, despite a report only weeks earlier wherein both city officials and police officers announced that red-light violations at four major intersections had dropped by roughly 500 since in 2010.  Carey also announced that the department would discontinue the controversial DUI checkpoints; though, this did not mean they were letting up on issuing DUIs.  While Carey did admit that these decisions were in part due to social pressure, he also contended that managing and supervising the cameras took too many officers away from areas where they were badly needed.  Despite these decisions, the City Council will have the final say on the matter.