Criminal charges resulting from fighting or even verbal threats can be very serious, as the laws in Colorado can be harsh when it comes to crimes that might involve violence. If you or someone you love has been accused of assault or charged with a violent crime in Colorado, you need the help of a seasoned Colorado criminal defense attorney. A defense lawyer understands that there are two sides to every story and can help individuals accused of assault through every stage of the criminal legal process. An attorney can not only reconstruct events in the court room, but they can protect the rights of the accused during a police investigation of the incident that led to fighting or assault charges.

Legal consequences for crimes like assault can include mandatory prison sentences and hefty fines, especially for felony charges. Many people think that a fight they were involved in could never result in felony assault charges, but the law takes threats and violence very seriously. The level of seriousness will often depend on the injuries suffered by the alleged victim, and if individuals were hurt, even if it wasn’t your fault, the charges you face could easily escalate to felony assault. A beer bottle in someone’s hand can be considered a weapon, even if it wasn’t used in the fight, and this can result in felony charges as well.

Many people don’t realize that even verbal threats can result in assault charges. The law states that assault is the intent to harm, and threats can constitute intent. Other criminal charges like harassment or stalking can also be included with assault charges in these types of cases as well. A Colorado criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience in assault cases will be able to present the circumstances of the incident and get charges reduced or even dismissed.