There are integral pieces of evidence that the prosecution uses in just about every DUI case.  Breathalyzer readings and/or blood tests top the list, but the testimony of the arresting officer is also critical in getting a conviction in many cases. Many drivers think that just because they’ve failed the field sobriety test or scored above the legal limit on a breath test, they will automatically be convicted for driving under the influence. However, this isn’t necessarily the case, especially when a good defense attorney is involved.

A defense attorney with experience in DUI cases will use their expertise to find inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the testimony of the arresting officers to prove that your arrest didn’t go according to procedure. If your rights were violated during the arrest, your defense attorney can use this evidence to get your charges dismissed. In DUI cases, defense lawyers will also call the accuracy of the blood alcohol tests into question. The blood drawn for your BAC test can be requested for testing performed in a private third party laboratory by your attorney. If there is a difference in the readings between the private lab test and the test performed by the police, this may be enough to call the entire case into question.

Many law enforcement officials are specifically trained to identify DUI drivers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those officers can’t make mistakes. Your defense attorney will review all of the available evidence, including dashboard camera footage if available, in order to ensure that proper procedure was followed every step of the way during the police investigation that resulted in your DUI charge. If an experienced defense attorney identifies a wrongdoing on the part of the arresting officer, he or she will be able to use that information to build up your defense in an effort to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Not every DUI stop is conducted lawfully, and not every arrest needs to end in a conviction. Many people don’t realize that a Driving Under the Influence case is just like any other court case, and you can fight DUI charges just like any other criminal charge if you have a good DUI defense lawyer. If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and feel as though you may not have been treated fairly during the course of the stop and arrest, reach out to a defense attorney who has experience handling DUI cases.